Many customers enjoy building a pile before having their order shipped to them as you can save in total shipping costs this way.

You can choose this option if you would like us to hold your order for you so that you can combine it with other orders. The shipping cost is set to R80 for the "Build A Pile" Shipping option. When you would like us to ship all your orders to you, we will calculate your total shipping amount based on the weight of all your orders combined, then we will deduct any overpayment in shipping costs that are due to you in the final payment of your last order.

You must pay for each and every order within 24 hours to secure the records. You may then proceed to order more records by beginning and paying for another separate order. We will hold all your orders for you until you contact us and let us know you would now like to ship.

PLEASE DO NOT take this option if you do not intend to Build A Pile as it will not be shipped until we are told to ship it by YOU.