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Jethro Tull – Rock Island (RSA VG+)Jethro Tull – Rock Island (RSA VG+)
Lou Reed – Sally Can't Dance (RSA VG+)Lou Reed – Sally Can't Dance (RSA VG+)
Yazoo – Nobody's Diary (RSA VG)Yazoo – Nobody's Diary (RSA VG)
Mott The Hoople – Mott (UK VG)Mott The Hoople – Mott (UK VG)
Billy Idol – Whiplash Smile (RSA VG)Billy Idol – Whiplash Smile (RSA VG)
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (RSA VG)Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (RSA VG)
Alice Cooper – Killer (RSA VG+)Alice Cooper – Killer (RSA VG+)
Asia – Alpha (RSA VG)Asia – Alpha (RSA VG)
Asia – Asia (RSA VG)Asia – Asia (RSA VG)
Ted Nugent – Scream Dream (USA VG+)Ted Nugent – Scream Dream (USA VG+)
Ted Nugent – State Of Shock (USA VG+)Ted Nugent – State Of Shock (USA VG+)
Ted Nugent – Penetrator (USA VG+)Ted Nugent – Penetrator (USA VG+)
Trevor Rabin – Face To Face (RSA VG)Trevor Rabin – Face To Face (RSA VG)
Trevor Rabin – Beginnings (RSA VG-)Trevor Rabin – Beginnings (RSA VG-)
Rabbitt – Boys Will Be Boys! (RSA VG)Rabbitt – Boys Will Be Boys! (RSA VG)
Yes – Relayer (USA VG-)Yes – Relayer (USA VG-)
Yes – Fragile (USA VG-)Yes – Fragile (USA VG-)
Yes – Going For The One (USA VG+)Yes – Going For The One (USA VG+)
Yes – Close To The Edge (USA VG)Yes – Close To The Edge (USA VG)
Yes – Tormato (RSA VG)Yes – Tormato (RSA VG)
Yes – The Yes Album (USA VG-)Yes – The Yes Album (USA VG-)
Trevor Rabin – Wolf (RSA VG+)Trevor Rabin – Wolf (RSA VG+)
Camel – The Snow Goose (USA VG+)Camel – The Snow Goose (USA VG+)
Camel – Breathless (RSA VG)Camel – Breathless (RSA VG)
Camel – The Single Factor (RSA VG+)Camel – The Single Factor (RSA VG+)
UFO – Obsession (RSA VG-)UFO – Obsession (RSA VG-)
Styx – Kilroy Was Here (RSA VG)Styx – Kilroy Was Here (RSA VG)
Nazareth – Greatest Hits (RSA VG+)Nazareth – Greatest Hits (RSA VG+)
Bob Dylan – Saved (RSA VG+)Bob Dylan – Saved (RSA VG+)
Bob Dylan – Street-Legal (RSA VG)Bob Dylan – Street-Legal (RSA VG)
Bob Dylan – Desire (UK VG+)Bob Dylan – Desire (UK VG+)
Santana – Santana (UK VG)Santana – Santana (UK VG)
Santana – Borboletta (RSA VG-)Santana – Borboletta (RSA VG-)
Renaissance – Renaissance (UK VG ) LPRenaissance – Renaissance (UK VG ) LP
Magna Carta – Seasons (RSA VG)Magna Carta – Seasons (RSA VG)
Camel – The Snow Goose (Israel VG+)Camel – The Snow Goose (Israel VG+)

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