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Mezzoforte - Surprise Surprise (RSA VG)Mezzoforte - Surprise Surprise (RSA VG)
Jorge Dalto – Listen Up! (RSA VG+)Jorge Dalto – Listen Up! (RSA VG+)
Voyage | Fly Away (RSA VG+)Voyage | Fly Away (RSA VG+)
Voyage | Fly Away (UK VG)Voyage | Fly Away (UK VG)
Voyage | Fly Away (RSA VG+)Voyage | Fly Away (RSA VG+)
Woody Herman | Giant Steps (RSA VG+)Woody Herman | Giant Steps (RSA VG+)
Woody Herman | Giants Steps (RSA VG+)Woody Herman | Giants Steps (RSA VG+)
Szakcsi | Mystic Dreams (Germany New)Szakcsi | Mystic Dreams (Germany New)
Steely Dan | Gold (Germany VG-)Steely Dan | Gold (Germany VG-)
Steely Dan - Gold (RSA VG+)Steely Dan - Gold (RSA VG+)
Spyro Gyra | Incognito (RSA VG)Spyro Gyra | Incognito (RSA VG)
Shawn Phillips | Spaced (RSA VG+)Shawn Phillips | Spaced (RSA VG+)
Shadowfax | Shadowdance (USA VG+)Shadowfax | Shadowdance (USA VG+)
Shadowfax – Shadowfax (Germany VG+)Shadowfax – Shadowfax (Germany VG+)
Seawind | Light The Light (USA VG+)Seawind | Light The Light (USA VG+)
Eric Gale - Part Of You (RSA VG)Eric Gale - Part Of You (RSA VG)
George Benson - In Flight (RSA VG)George Benson - In Flight (RSA VG)
The Crusaders - Standing Tall (USA VG)The Crusaders - Standing Tall (USA VG)
Santana – Shangó (RSA VG)Santana – Shangó (RSA VG)
Santana | Zebop! (RSA VG)Santana | Zebop! (RSA VG)
Santana | Zebop! (RSA VG+)Santana | Zebop! (RSA VG+)
Santana | Welcome (UK VG)Santana | Welcome (UK VG)
Santana | Welcome (UK VG)Santana | Welcome (UK VG)
Santana | Amigos (RSA VG)Santana | Amigos (RSA VG)
Santana - Festival (RSA VG+)Santana - Festival (RSA VG+)
Ray Pizzi | Conception (USA VG+)Ray Pizzi | Conception (USA VG+)
Peliroja – Injusticia (USA EX)Peliroja – Injusticia (USA EX)

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