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Neil Larsen - High Gear (USA VG)Neil Larsen - High Gear (USA VG)
Deodato - Prelude (RSA VG+)Deodato - Prelude (RSA VG+)
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy (RSA VG)Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy (RSA VG)
Santana - Welcome (RSA VG)Santana - Welcome (RSA VG)
Santana - Amigos (RSA VG)Santana - Amigos (RSA VG)
Hubert Laws - Wild Flower (RSA VG)Hubert Laws - Wild Flower (RSA VG)
Gino Vannelli | Crazy Life (RSA VG)Gino Vannelli | Crazy Life (RSA VG)
George Benson - Good King Bad (RSA VG-)George Benson - Good King Bad (RSA VG-)
Gene Harris | Nexus (RSA VG+)Gene Harris | Nexus (RSA VG+)
Passport | Garden Of Eden (USA VG+)Passport | Garden Of Eden (USA VG+)
Gabor Szabo | Nightflight (USA VG+)Gabor Szabo | Nightflight (USA VG+)
Freddie Hubbard - Liquid Love (USA VG+)Freddie Hubbard - Liquid Love (USA VG+)
Doug Cameron | Passion Suite (USA VG+)Doug Cameron | Passion Suite (USA VG+)
Yellowjackets - Politics ( Germany VG )Yellowjackets - Politics ( Germany VG )
Santana – Santana (UK VG)Santana – Santana (UK VG)
Santana – Borboletta (RSA VG-)Santana – Borboletta (RSA VG-)
Dan Siegel - The Hot Shot (USA VG)Dan Siegel - The Hot Shot (USA VG)
David Sanborn - As We Speak (USA VG+)David Sanborn - As We Speak (USA VG+)
Deodato – Deodato 2 (RSA VG)Deodato – Deodato 2 (RSA VG)

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