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Toto | Turn Back (RSA VG+)Toto | Turn Back (RSA VG+)
Toto | Turn Back (RSA VG-)Toto | Turn Back (RSA VG-)
Status Quo - Hello! (UK VG+)Status Quo - Hello! (UK VG+)
Status Quo - Live (UK VG+) 2LP GatefoldStatus Quo - Live (UK VG+) 2LP Gatefold
Deep Purple - Made In Europe (RSA VG+)Deep Purple - Made In Europe (RSA VG+)
Deep Purple - Burn (RSA VG)Deep Purple - Burn (RSA VG)
Deep Purple - Stormbringer (RSA VG)Deep Purple - Stormbringer (RSA VG)
Various - The Harvest Bag (RSA VG)Various - The Harvest Bag (RSA VG)
Van-Zant – Van-Zant (RSA VG)Van-Zant – Van-Zant (RSA VG)
Van-Zant – Van-Zant (RSA VG+)Van-Zant – Van-Zant (RSA VG+)
Nazareth – Razamanaz (RSA VG)Nazareth – Razamanaz (RSA VG)
Jethro Tull - Aqualung (RSA VG-)Jethro Tull - Aqualung (RSA VG-)
Uriah Heep - Wonderworld (RSA VG)Uriah Heep - Wonderworld (RSA VG)
Various - Suck It And See! (UK VG+)Various - Suck It And See! (UK VG+)
Vexen | Vexen (RSA VG+)Vexen | Vexen (RSA VG+)
Vixen | Vixen (RSA VG-)Vixen | Vixen (RSA VG-)
Wishbone Ash | Front Page News (RSA VG)Wishbone Ash | Front Page News (RSA VG)
ZZ Top - Eliminator (RSA VG)ZZ Top - Eliminator (RSA VG)
The Babys | Head First (RSA VG+)The Babys | Head First (RSA VG+)
Ted Nugent | Weekend Warriors (USA VG)Ted Nugent | Weekend Warriors (USA VG)
Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors (UK VG-)Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors (UK VG-)
Ted Nugent - Weekend Warrior (RSA VG+)Ted Nugent - Weekend Warrior (RSA VG+)
Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro (UK VG-)
Survivor | Caught In The Game (RSA VG)Survivor | Caught In The Game (RSA VG)
Styx | Pieces Of Eight (RSA VG)Styx | Pieces Of Eight (RSA VG)
Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf 7 (RSA VG)Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf 7 (RSA VG)
Steppenwolf - Monster (USA VG)Steppenwolf - Monster (USA VG)
Steel River | Weighin' Heavy (USA VG+)Steel River | Weighin' Heavy (USA VG+)
Steel River | Weighin' Heavy (RSA VG-)Steel River | Weighin' Heavy (RSA VG-)
Status Quo | Hello! (UK VG)Status Quo | Hello! (UK VG)
Status Quo - Hello! (RSA VG-)Status Quo - Hello! (RSA VG-)
Slades | Slades Greats (RSA VG+)Slades | Slades Greats (RSA VG+)
Slade – Slade Alive! (RSA VG-)Slade – Slade Alive! (RSA VG-)
Slade – Slade Alive! (RSA VG-)Slade – Slade Alive! (RSA VG-)
Sammy Hagar | Three Lock Box (RSA VG)Sammy Hagar | Three Lock Box (RSA VG)

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