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The Who | Quadrophenia (USA VG)The Who | Quadrophenia (USA VG)
Various - Suck It And See! (UK VG+)Various - Suck It And See! (UK VG+)
Pink Fairies - Kings Of Oblivion (UK VG-)Pink Fairies - Kings Of Oblivion (UK VG-)
Alice Cooper – Killer (USA VG) With 1972 CalenderAlice Cooper – Killer (USA VG) With 1972 Calender
Autograph – Loud And Clear (RSA VG+)Autograph – Loud And Clear (RSA VG+)
Angel City - Night Attack (USA VG+)Angel City - Night Attack (USA VG+)
Angel - White Hot (UK VG/VG-)Angel - White Hot (UK VG/VG-)
Alias - Alias (RSA VG+)Alias - Alias (RSA VG+)
Alias - Alias (RSA VG+)
R 150
Sammy Hagar - Three Lock Box (RSA VG)Sammy Hagar - Three Lock Box (RSA VG)
Mariah - Mariah (RSA VG+)Mariah - Mariah (RSA VG+)
Mariah - Mariah (RSA VG+)
R 100
Crowbar - KE32746 (USA VG+)Crowbar - KE32746 (USA VG+)
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism (RSA VG)Scorpions - Animal Magnetism (RSA VG)
Target - Captured (RSA VG)Target - Captured (RSA VG)
Deep Purple - Burn (RSA VG-)Deep Purple - Burn (RSA VG-)
Status Quo - Hello! (UK VG)Status Quo - Hello! (UK VG)
Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG+)Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG+)
Bad Company - Straight Shooter (RSA VG-)Bad Company - Straight Shooter (RSA VG-)
Bad Company - Desolation Angels (RSA VG-) GatefoldBad Company - Desolation Angels (RSA VG-) Gatefold
Black Sabbath - Sabotage (RSA VG-)Black Sabbath - Sabotage (RSA VG-)
Alice Cooper - Killer (RSA VG-)Alice Cooper - Killer (RSA VG-)
Golden Earring - 'Earing's Believing (RSA VG)Golden Earring - 'Earing's Believing (RSA VG)
Nazareth - Greatest Hits (Zim VG)Nazareth - Greatest Hits (Zim VG)
Deep Purple - Fireball (RSA VG) GatefoldDeep Purple - Fireball (RSA VG) Gatefold
Robin Trower - Long Misty Days (UK VG)Robin Trower - Long Misty Days (UK VG)
Homer OST (RSA VG+) Atlantic ArtistsHomer OST (RSA VG+) Atlantic Artists
Status Quo - Never To Late (RSA VG)Status Quo - Never To Late (RSA VG)
Styx – Styx II (RSA VG/VG-)Styx – Styx II (RSA VG/VG-)
Free – Highway (UK VG)Free – Highway (UK VG)
Free – Highway (UK VG)
R 300
Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards (RSA VG-) GatefoldUriah Heep - Demons And Wizards (RSA VG-) Gatefold
Y&T - Open Fire (UK VG+)Y&T - Open Fire (UK VG+)
Y&T - Open Fire (UK VG+)
R 125
Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG)Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG)
Deep Purple - Fireball (RSA VG-) GatefoldDeep Purple - Fireball (RSA VG-) Gatefold
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (RSA VG-)Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (RSA VG-)
Hydra - Hydra ( UK VG)Hydra - Hydra ( UK VG)
Hydra - Hydra ( UK VG)
R 160
Warrant - Cherry Pie (RSA VG+)Warrant - Cherry Pie (RSA VG+)
Heart - Little Queen (RSA VG)Heart - Little Queen (RSA VG)
Uriah Heep - High And Mighty (RSA VG)Uriah Heep - High And Mighty (RSA VG)
The Tubes | Outside Inside (RSA VG)The Tubes | Outside Inside (RSA VG)
The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG-)The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG-)
The Who – The Who By Numbers (RSA VG)The Who – The Who By Numbers (RSA VG)
The Who | Quadrophenia (UK VG)The Who | Quadrophenia (UK VG)
Titanic | Return Of Drakkar (RSA VG+)Titanic | Return Of Drakkar (RSA VG+)
Trevor Rabin | Can't Look Away (RSA VG)Trevor Rabin | Can't Look Away (RSA VG)

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