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Harari – Rufaro Happiness (Sealed)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (RSA VG / VG+) 2LPFleetwood Mac - Tusk (RSA VG / VG+) 2LP
Eddie Condon | Jazum-10 (USA VG+)Eddie Condon | Jazum-10 (USA VG+)
Dr. Marigold's | Hello Girl (RSA VG+)Dr. Marigold's | Hello Girl (RSA VG+)
The Marvelettes - Greatest Hits (USA VG+)The Marvelettes - Greatest Hits (USA VG+)
Peter Michael Hamel - Nada (USA VG+)Peter Michael Hamel - Nada (USA VG+)
Blondie - Eat To The Beat (RSA VG)Blondie - Eat To The Beat (RSA VG)
Lou Donaldson - Gravy Train (RSA VG+)Lou Donaldson - Gravy Train (RSA VG+)
Yello - I Love You 12" (RSA VG)Yello - I Love You 12" (RSA VG)
Greyhound - Mango Rock (UK VG)Greyhound - Mango Rock (UK VG)
The Bhundu Boys - Shabini (EEC VG+)The Bhundu Boys - Shabini (EEC VG+)
Harari - Flying Out (RSA VG)Harari - Flying Out (RSA VG)
Juluka - African Litany (RSA VG+)Juluka - African Litany (RSA VG+)
Bob James - Hands Down (USA VG+) GatefoldBob James - Hands Down (USA VG+) Gatefold
J.J. Cale - Grasshopper (USA VG+)J.J. Cale - Grasshopper (USA VG+)

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