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Various | Memphis Country (RSA VG)Various | Memphis Country (RSA VG)
Waylon Jennings - Music Man (RSA VG+)Waylon Jennings - Music Man (RSA VG+)
Jim Croce | Life And Times (RSA VG-)Jim Croce | Life And Times (RSA VG-)
John Fogerty | Centerfield (RSA VG+)John Fogerty | Centerfield (RSA VG+)
Big John Lash - Trucking Hits (RSA VG+)Big John Lash - Trucking Hits (RSA VG+)
Mattisson Brothers - Wanted (RSA VG)Mattisson Brothers - Wanted (RSA VG)
Dolly Parton - Revival (RSA VG)Dolly Parton - Revival (RSA VG)
John Denver - Live In London (UK VG)John Denver - Live In London (UK VG)
Wayne Berry | Home At Last (RSA VG)Wayne Berry | Home At Last (RSA VG)
The Beat Farmers | Van Go (UK VG+)The Beat Farmers | Van Go (UK VG+)
The Band | Moondog Matinee (USA VG)The Band | Moondog Matinee (USA VG)
The Band - Moondog Matinee (USA VG)The Band - Moondog Matinee (USA VG)
She & Him | Volume One (USA VG+)She & Him | Volume One (USA VG+)
Shawn Phillips | Faces (RSA VG-)Shawn Phillips | Faces (RSA VG-)
Shawn Phillips | Faces (RSA VG+)Shawn Phillips | Faces (RSA VG+)
Wood Newton – Wood Newton (USA VG)Wood Newton – Wood Newton (USA VG)
Shakin' Stevens | Hot Dog (Holland VG+)Shakin' Stevens | Hot Dog (Holland VG+)
Seatrain - Seatrain (UK VG+)Seatrain - Seatrain (UK VG+)
Sammy Johns – Sammy Johns (USA VG+)Sammy Johns – Sammy Johns (USA VG+)
Roy Wood | Boulders (UK VG)Roy Wood | Boulders (UK VG)

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