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Busi Mhlongo | Urban Zulu (UK Sealed)Busi Mhlongo | Urban Zulu (UK Sealed)
Tete Mbambisa | Did You Tell Your Mother (RSA EX)Tete Mbambisa | Did You Tell Your Mother (RSA EX)
Zim Ngqawana – Zimology (RSA EX)
Dumama + Kechou | Buffering Juju (EU EX)Dumama + Kechou | Buffering Juju (EU EX)
Culture Club | Karma Chameleon (RSA Sealed)Culture Club | Karma Chameleon (RSA Sealed)
SPAZA | An Improvisation (Germany Sealed)SPAZA | An Improvisation (Germany Sealed)
Birdsong Ensemble | Imvuselelo (Switzerland Sealed)Birdsong Ensemble | Imvuselelo (Switzerland Sealed)
Various Artists | Friends With Benefits Too (RSA Sealed)
Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari | Nāḍī (RSA Sealed)Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari | Nāḍī (RSA Sealed)
Akron Family | Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free (USA VG)
Alela Diane | To Be Still (USA VG+ 2LP)
Sleeping People | Growing (USA VG+ 2LP)
Ty Seagall & White Fence | Hair (USA Sealed)Ty Seagall & White Fence | Hair (USA Sealed)
Black Mamba Beat | Black Mamba Beat (Italy VG+)
Hundred Waters | Hundred Waters (USA Sealed)Hundred Waters | Hundred Waters (USA Sealed)
Condo Fucks | Fuckbook (USA VG)Condo Fucks | Fuckbook (USA VG)
Poor Moon | Poor Moon (USA Sealed)
El Guincho ‎| Piratas De Sudamérica, Vol. 1 (UK VG+)
Feist | The Reminder (USA VG)
John Mayer | Room For Squares (USA VG)John Mayer | Room For Squares (USA VG)
Panda Bear | Bro's (UK VG+ 12" Maxi)Panda Bear | Bro's (UK VG+ 12" Maxi)
Björk | Post (EU Sealed)Björk | Post (EU Sealed)
The Cramps | Smell Of Female (UK Sealed)The Cramps | Smell Of Female (UK Sealed)
Gregory Porter | Nat "King" Cole & Me (USA VG+ 2LP)Gregory Porter | Nat "King" Cole & Me (USA VG+ 2LP)
Fredo Viola | The Sad Song (France VG+ 10")
Danielson ‎| Ships (Canada VG+)
The Acorn + Ohbijou ‎| Split (Canada VG+)The Acorn + Ohbijou ‎| Split (Canada VG+)
White Magic | Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (USA VG)White Magic | Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (USA VG)
Givers | In Light (USA VG)Givers | In Light (USA VG)
Queen | A Kind Of Magic (Europe VG+)Queen | A Kind Of Magic (Europe VG+)
Sophie | Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (EU Sealed)Sophie | Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (EU Sealed)
The Lumineers | The Lumineers (EU VG+)The Lumineers | The Lumineers (EU VG+)
Mumford & Sons | Babel (EU VG+)Mumford & Sons | Babel (EU VG+)
Daft Punk | Random Access Memories (EU VG+ 2LP)Daft Punk | Random Access Memories (EU VG+ 2LP)
Carlo Mombelli | Angels And Demons (RSA Sealed)Carlo Mombelli | Angels And Demons (RSA Sealed)
Louis Armstrong | His Last Recordings (Germany VG)Louis Armstrong | His Last Recordings (Germany VG)
Flying Home | Summer (RSA VG+)Flying Home | Summer (RSA VG+)
Fischer-Z | Red Skies Over Paradise (RSA VG+)Fischer-Z | Red Skies Over Paradise (RSA VG+)
Foghat | Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce (USA Sealed)Foghat | Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce (USA Sealed)
Steve Forbert | Jackrabbit Slim (Canada VG+)Steve Forbert | Jackrabbit Slim (Canada VG+)
Foreigner | Head Games (RSA VG+)Foreigner | Head Games (RSA VG+)
Larry Finnegan | In Memoriam (Sweden VG+ 2LP)Larry Finnegan | In Memoriam (Sweden VG+ 2LP)
Fuzzbox | Big Bang (RSA VG+)Fuzzbox | Big Bang (RSA VG+)

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