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Shoes - Present Tense (RSA VG-)Shoes - Present Tense (RSA VG-)
La Bamba OST (RSA VG)La Bamba OST (RSA VG)
Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega  (RSA VG)Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega  (RSA VG)
Clannad - Macalla (RSA VG)Clannad - Macalla (RSA VG)
VA - Pop Shop Vol. 31 (RSA VG-)VA - Pop Shop Vol. 31 (RSA VG-)
VA - Pop Shop Vol. 6 (RSA VG)VA - Pop Shop Vol. 6 (RSA VG)
Star Struck OST (RSA VG+)Star Struck OST (RSA VG+)
Jive Bunny - The Album (RSA VG)Jive Bunny - The Album (RSA VG)
Exposé – Exposure (RSA VG+)Exposé – Exposure (RSA VG+)
Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard (RSA VG)Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard (RSA VG)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (RSA VG)Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (RSA VG)
Roxy Music - Stranded (RSA VG/VG-)Roxy Music - Stranded (RSA VG/VG-)
The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG+)The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG+)
The Beatles - The Beatle Ballads (RSA VG)The Beatles - The Beatle Ballads (RSA VG)
Donovan - Donovan In Concert (Taiwan VG)Donovan - Donovan In Concert (Taiwan VG)
JJ Cale - Troubadour (USA VG)JJ Cale - Troubadour (USA VG)
JJ Cale - Naturally (RSA VG-)JJ Cale - Naturally (RSA VG-)
JJ Cale - Five (RSA VG)JJ Cale - Five (RSA VG)
JJ Cale - Troubadour (RSA VG+)JJ Cale - Troubadour (RSA VG+)
Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG-)Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG-)
Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming (USA VG+)Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming (USA VG+)
Bob Dylan - Knocked Out Loaded (RSA VG)Bob Dylan - Knocked Out Loaded (RSA VG)
Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG)Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG)
Yes - Yesongs (USA VG) 3LP +BookletYes - Yesongs (USA VG) 3LP +Booklet
Asia - Asia (RSA VG+)Asia - Asia (RSA VG+)
Moody Blues - Sur La Mer (RSA VG+)Moody Blues - Sur La Mer (RSA VG+)
Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne (UK VG)Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne (UK VG)
Pavlvo's Dog - Pampered Menial (UK EX)Pavlvo's Dog - Pampered Menial (UK EX)
Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood (RSA VG)Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood (RSA VG)

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