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John Scofield & John Abercrombie – Solar (USA VG)John Scofield & John Abercrombie – Solar (USA VG)
VA - Jazz Critics' Choice (RSA VG+)VA - Jazz Critics' Choice (RSA VG+)
Django Reinhardt – The Versatile Giant (RSA VG+)Django Reinhardt – The Versatile Giant (RSA VG+)
Django Reinhardt – Django Reinhardt (USA VG+)Django Reinhardt – Django Reinhardt (USA VG+)
Paul Winter  / Winter Consort – Icarus (USA VG)Paul Winter  / Winter Consort – Icarus (USA VG)
Winds Of Change – Illusions (UK VG) Gatefold
Ron Carter – Peg Leg (USA VG+)Ron Carter – Peg Leg (USA VG+)
Art Blakey - A Night At Bird Land Vol. 2 (UK VG)Art Blakey - A Night At Bird Land Vol. 2 (UK VG)
Eberhard Weber Colours - Silent Feet (Germany VG+)Eberhard Weber Colours - Silent Feet (Germany VG+)
Kenny Burrell - Night Song (RSA VG)Kenny Burrell - Night Song (RSA VG)
Horace Silver Quartet - The Tokyo Blues (USA VG)
Michael Mantler – No Answer (UK VG+) GatefoldMichael Mantler – No Answer (UK VG+) Gatefold
Ornette Coleman - In Europe Vol. 2 (RSA VG+)Ornette Coleman - In Europe Vol. 2 (RSA VG+)
Wayne Shorter - Super Nova (UK VG+)Wayne Shorter - Super Nova (UK VG+)
Luiz Bonfa - Black Orpheus Impressions (RSA VG)Luiz Bonfa - Black Orpheus Impressions (RSA VG)
Gary Burton - Throb (RSA VG+)Gary Burton - Throb (RSA VG+)
Joe Turner - The best Of (RSA VG+)Joe Turner - The best Of (RSA VG+)
VA - Bop Jazz Lives (RSA VG)VA - Bop Jazz Lives (RSA VG)
Mose Allison - Mose Alive! (USA VG)Mose Allison - Mose Alive! (USA VG)
Laurindo Almeida - A Man And A Woman (USA VG+)Laurindo Almeida - A Man And A Woman (USA VG+)
Sonny Rollins - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Sonny Rollins - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Baden Powell - Images On Guitar (RSA VG)Baden Powell - Images On Guitar (RSA VG)
Oregon - Winter Light (RSA VG+)Oregon - Winter Light (RSA VG+)
Oregon - Oregon (Germany VG-)Oregon - Oregon (Germany VG-)
Oregon - Out Of The Woods (USA VG) GatefoldOregon - Out Of The Woods (USA VG) Gatefold
Oregon - In Performance (USA VG+) 2LP GatefoldOregon - In Performance (USA VG+) 2LP Gatefold
Oregon - Distant Hills (RSA VG+)Oregon - Distant Hills (RSA VG+)
VA - Jazz Heritage Volume 3 (RSA VG+)VA - Jazz Heritage Volume 3 (RSA VG+)
Wes Montgomery - Willow Weep For ME (RSA VG+)Wes Montgomery - Willow Weep For ME (RSA VG+)
Oscar Peterson - The Best OF (RSA VG+)Oscar Peterson - The Best OF (RSA VG+)

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