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Aiye Keta - Third World (RSA VG+)Aiye Keta - Third World (RSA VG+)
Maxayn - Mindful (RSA VG)Maxayn - Mindful (RSA VG)
Lamont Dozier - Bittersweet (RSA VG)Lamont Dozier - Bittersweet (RSA VG)
Dr. John - Gumbo (USA VG-) GatefoldDr. John - Gumbo (USA VG-) Gatefold
Yes - Close To The Edge (USA VG-)Yes - Close To The Edge (USA VG-)
T.Rex – Bolan Boogie (UK VG-)T.Rex – Bolan Boogie (UK VG-)
Music Of The Cosmos (RSA VG+)Music Of The Cosmos (RSA VG+)
Billy Cobham - Spectrum (RSA VG+)Billy Cobham - Spectrum (RSA VG+)
Mark-Almond – Mark Almond (RSA VG)Mark-Almond – Mark Almond (RSA VG)
Mark Almond - To The Heart (RSA VG)Mark Almond - To The Heart (RSA VG)
Little John - Little John (USA VG+)Little John - Little John (USA VG+)
Cold Blood - Thriller! (USA VG)Cold Blood - Thriller! (USA VG)
ZZ Top - Afterburner (RSA VG+)ZZ Top - Afterburner (RSA VG+)
ZZ Top - Eliminator (RSA VG)ZZ Top - Eliminator (RSA VG)
Neil Young - Harvest (RSA VG+)Neil Young - Harvest (RSA VG+)
J.J. Cale - Shades (RSA VG+)J.J. Cale - Shades (RSA VG+)
Georgie Fame – Georgie Fame (RSA VG+)Georgie Fame – Georgie Fame (RSA VG+)
Randy Newman - Born Again (USA VG+)Randy Newman - Born Again (USA VG+)
Little Feat – Dixie Chicken (UK VG-)Little Feat – Dixie Chicken (UK VG-)
J.J. Cale - Troubadour (RSA VG)J.J. Cale - Troubadour (RSA VG)
J.J. Cale - Naturally (RSA VG)J.J. Cale - Naturally (RSA VG)
J.J. Cale - Okie (RSA VG)J.J. Cale - Okie (RSA VG)
J.J. Cale - Really (RSA VG)J.J. Cale - Really (RSA VG)

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