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Silver Pozzoli | Around My Dream (RSA VG)
The Knack | Get The Knack (RSA VG)The Knack | Get The Knack (RSA VG)
C.J & Co | Deadeye Dick (RSA VG)C.J & Co | Deadeye Dick (RSA VG)
The Waterboys | The Whole Of The Moon (RSA VG)The Waterboys | The Whole Of The Moon (RSA VG)
Baltimora | Tarzan Boy (RSA VG)Baltimora | Tarzan Boy (RSA VG)
Toto | Toto (RSA VG)Toto | Toto (RSA VG)
Khaya Records Toto | Toto (RSA VG)
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Sylvester | Step II (RSA VG)
The Police | Reggatta De Blanc (RSA VG)The Police | Reggatta De Blanc (RSA VG)
Kaja | Shouldn't Do That (RSA VG+)Kaja | Shouldn't Do That (RSA VG+)
Bad Company | Straight Shooter (RSA VG)Bad Company | Straight Shooter (RSA VG)
Bon Jovi | New Jersey (RSA VG+)Bon Jovi | New Jersey (RSA VG+)
Cerrone | 3 (RSA VG)Cerrone | 3 (RSA VG)
Khaya Records Cerrone | 3 (RSA VG)
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The Beatles | Abbey Road (RSA VG-)The Beatles | Abbey Road (RSA VG-)
Bob Dylan | The Band (RSA VG 2LP)Bob Dylan | The Band (RSA VG 2LP)
Paul Simon | The Rhythm Of The Saints (RSA VG+)Paul Simon | The Rhythm Of The Saints (RSA VG+)
The Police | Synchronicity (RSA VG+)The Police | Synchronicity (RSA VG+)
The Ritchie Family | American Generation (RSA VG)The Ritchie Family | American Generation (RSA VG)
The Michael Zager Band | Let's All Chant (RSA VG)The Michael Zager Band | Let's All Chant (RSA VG)
Pretenders | Pretenders (RSA VG)Pretenders | Pretenders (RSA VG)
Lime | The Greatest Hits (RSA VG)Lime | The Greatest Hits (RSA VG)
The Police | Ghost In The Machine (RSA VG)The Police | Ghost In The Machine (RSA VG)
Supertramp | Famous Last Words (RSA VG+)Supertramp | Famous Last Words (RSA VG+)
Rock Odyssey | Tribute To... (RSA VG+)Rock Odyssey | Tribute To... (RSA VG+)
Peppino Di Capri | Girl! (RSA VG+)Peppino Di Capri | Girl! (RSA VG+)
Dire Straits | Communiqué (RSA VG+)Dire Straits | Communiqué (RSA VG+)
Joni Mitchell | Clouds (UK VG-)Joni Mitchell | Clouds (UK VG-)
Jermaine Jackson | Let's Get Serious (RSA VG+)Jermaine Jackson | Let's Get Serious (RSA VG+)
Sister Sledge | We Are Family (RSA VG)Sister Sledge | We Are Family (RSA VG)
Buffalo | Magic Carpet Ride (RSA VG-)Buffalo | Magic Carpet Ride (RSA VG-)
Harvey Mandel | Baby Batter (USA VG+)Harvey Mandel | Baby Batter (USA VG+)
Pickettywitch | Pickettywitch (UK VG+)Pickettywitch | Pickettywitch (UK VG+)
The Peddlers | Three In A Cell (RSA VG)The Peddlers | Three In A Cell (RSA VG)
The Beatles | With The Beatles (RSA VG-)The Beatles | With The Beatles (RSA VG-)
The Beatles | Help! (RSA VG)The Beatles | Help! (RSA VG)
Eagles | Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (RSA VG+)Eagles | Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (RSA VG+)
America | History | Greatest Hits (RSA VG+)America | History | Greatest Hits (RSA VG+)
Roger Daltrey | Daltrey (RSA VG)Roger Daltrey | Daltrey (RSA VG)
The Tarney Spencer Band | Three's A Crowd (RSA VG)The Tarney Spencer Band | Three's A Crowd (RSA VG)
Trussel | Love Injection (RSA VG)Trussel | Love Injection (RSA VG)
Queen | A Kind Of Magic (RSA VG+)Queen | A Kind Of Magic (RSA VG+)
Alice Cooper | Billion Dollar Babies (RSA VG)Alice Cooper | Billion Dollar Babies (RSA VG)
The Beach Boys | Summer Days (RSA VG)The Beach Boys | Summer Days (RSA VG)
Def Leppard | On Through The Night (Holland VG+)Def Leppard | On Through The Night (Holland VG+)
Lindisfarne | Fog On The Tyne (RSA VG+)Lindisfarne | Fog On The Tyne (RSA VG+)
Carole King | Rhymes & Reasons (USA VG)Carole King | Rhymes & Reasons (USA VG)
Carole King | Tapestry (RSA VG+)Carole King | Tapestry (RSA VG+)
Bob Dylan | Infidels (RSA VG+)Bob Dylan | Infidels (RSA VG+)

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