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The Lumineers | The Lumineers (EU VG+)The Lumineers | The Lumineers (EU VG+)
Wooden Wand And The Vanishing Voice | XIAO (USA VG)
Brendan Canning | Something For All OF Us... (UK VG+)Brendan Canning | Something For All OF Us... (UK VG+)
Akron/Family | Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free (USA VG+)
Deerhunter | Fading Frontier (USA Sealed)Deerhunter | Fading Frontier (USA Sealed)
Grizzly Bear | Friend EPGrizzly Bear | Friend EP
Matthew E. White | Fresh Blood (USA EX)Matthew E. White | Fresh Blood (USA EX)
Beach Fossils | Beach Fossils (USA VG+)Beach Fossils | Beach Fossils (USA VG+)
White Magic | Dark Stars (USA VG+)White Magic | Dark Stars (USA VG+)
Levellers | Outside / Inside (UK VG+)Levellers | Outside / Inside (UK VG+)
Ibeyi | Ash (UK Sealed)Ibeyi | Ash (UK Sealed)
Razorlight | Slipway Fires (UK VG+)Razorlight | Slipway Fires (UK VG+)
M Ward | Hold Time (USA VG+)M Ward | Hold Time (USA VG+)
Counting Crows | Underwater Sunshine (USA VG+ 2LP)Counting Crows | Underwater Sunshine (USA VG+ 2LP)
Fridge | The Sun (UK VG+ 2LP)Fridge | The Sun (UK VG+ 2LP)
Brett Newski | American Folk Armageddon (USA Sealed)
Chai | Punk (JAPAN Sealed)
Andrew Bird | I Want To See Pulaski At Night (USA VG+)
The Morning Benders | Big Echo (USA VG+)The Morning Benders | Big Echo (USA VG+)
Steve Gunn | Ancient Jules (USA Sealed)Steve Gunn | Ancient Jules (USA Sealed)
Dirty Projectors | New Attitude EP (USA VG+)Dirty Projectors | New Attitude EP (USA VG+)
Bowerbirds | Upper Air (USA VG)
Spoke | SpokeSpoke | Spoke
Khaya Records Spoke | Spoke
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Diagrams | Black Light (UK VG+)Diagrams | Black Light (UK VG+)
Meg Baird | Dear Companion (USA VG+)Meg Baird | Dear Companion (USA VG+)
Shamir | Ratchet (USA Sealed)Shamir | Ratchet (USA Sealed)

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