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Milt Jackson - Soul Believer (RSA VG)Milt Jackson - Soul Believer (RSA VG)
Bob James - Ivory Coast (RSA VG)Bob James - Ivory Coast (RSA VG)
Tim Heintz – Quiet Time (RSA VG+)Tim Heintz – Quiet Time (RSA VG+)
David Sanborn - Hideaway (RSA VG+)David Sanborn - Hideaway (RSA VG+)
Herbie Mann - The Best Of (RSA VG)Herbie Mann - The Best Of (RSA VG)
Kazumi Watanabe - Mobo I (Germany VG+)Kazumi Watanabe - Mobo I (Germany VG+)
Dianna Ross - Workin Overtime (RSA VG)Dianna Ross - Workin Overtime (RSA VG)
Ben Sidran - Feel The Groove (RSA VG)Ben Sidran - Feel The Groove (RSA VG)
VA - The Motown Story Vol. 1 (RSA VG+)VA - The Motown Story Vol. 1 (RSA VG+)
Dianna Ross - Ross (RSA VG-)Dianna Ross - Ross (RSA VG-)
jimmy Ruffin - Ruff 'N Ready (RSA VG-)jimmy Ruffin - Ruff 'N Ready (RSA VG-)
The Spinners - Labor Of Love (RSA VG)The Spinners - Labor Of Love (RSA VG)
Michel'le – Michel'le (RSA VG-)Michel'le – Michel'le (RSA VG-)
Chuckii Booker – Chuckii (RSA VG)Chuckii Booker – Chuckii (RSA VG)
Snap - Mega Mix (RSA VG+)Snap - Mega Mix (RSA VG+)
Lenny Williams - Spark Of Love (RSA VG)Lenny Williams - Spark Of Love (RSA VG)
Waylon Jennings - The Best Of (UK VG-)Waylon Jennings - The Best Of (UK VG-)
Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon (RSA VG-)Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon (RSA VG-)
Jimmy Cliff - I Am The Living (RSA VG-)Jimmy Cliff - I Am The Living (RSA VG-)
Eddy Grant - Can't Get Enough (RSA VG-Eddy Grant - Can't Get Enough (RSA VG-
Eddy Grant - Going For Broke (RSA VG)Eddy Grant - Going For Broke (RSA VG)

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