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Gale Force - Gale Force (RSA VG)Gale Force - Gale Force (RSA VG)
Rolling Stones - Tattoo You (RSA VG)Rolling Stones - Tattoo You (RSA VG)
Leslie West – Mountain (UK VG)Leslie West – Mountain (UK VG)
Chicago - VIII (USA VG)Chicago - VIII (USA VG)
Chicago - VIII (USA VG)
R 80
Ken Hensley - Eager To Please (RSA VG)Ken Hensley - Eager To Please (RSA VG)
Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG)Deep Purple - In Rock (RSA VG)
Andrés Segovia - Mexicana (USA VG+)Andrés Segovia - Mexicana (USA VG+)
Claire Lawrence – Leaving You Free (RSA VG+)Claire Lawrence – Leaving You Free (RSA VG+)
Juicy Lucy - Get A Whiff A This (USA VG)Juicy Lucy - Get A Whiff A This (USA VG)
Argent - Argent (RSA VG)Argent - Argent (RSA VG)
Argent - Argent (RSA VG)
R 90
Joe Cocker - Live In LA (RSA VG-)Joe Cocker - Live In LA (RSA VG-)
Genesis - Seconds Out (RSA VG/VG+) 2LP GatefoldGenesis - Seconds Out (RSA VG/VG+) 2LP Gatefold
Genesis - And Then There Were Three (RSA VG) GatefoldGenesis - And Then There Were Three (RSA VG) Gatefold
Genesis - Foxtrot (RSA VG) GatefoldGenesis - Foxtrot (RSA VG) Gatefold
Santana - Caravanserai (RSA VG)Santana - Caravanserai (RSA VG)
Santana & Buddy Miles - Live (RSA VG-)Santana & Buddy Miles - Live (RSA VG-)
Uriah Heep - Live (RSA VG-) 2LP GatefoldUriah Heep - Live (RSA VG-) 2LP Gatefold
Uriah Heep - firefly (UK VG-) GatefoldUriah Heep - firefly (UK VG-) Gatefold
Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom (RSA VG-)Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom (RSA VG-)
Ekseption - 3 (Germany VG-)Ekseption - 3 (Germany VG-)
The O Band | The Knife (USA VG-)The O Band | The Knife (USA VG-)
The Rascals | Peaceful World (RSA VG)The Rascals | Peaceful World (RSA VG)
The Rascals | See (RSA VG)The Rascals | See (RSA VG)
The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG-)The Who - Live At Leeds (RSA VG-)
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (RSA VG+)Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (RSA VG+)
Toni Brown | Good For You Too (USA VG)Toni Brown | Good For You Too (USA VG)

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