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Chick Corea - Circling In (RSA VG) 2LP GatefoldChick Corea - Circling In (RSA VG) 2LP Gatefold
David Liebman – Sweet Hands (USA VG+)David Liebman – Sweet Hands (USA VG+)
Good God – Good God (USA VG+)Good God – Good God (USA VG+)
Billy Cobham – Total Eclipse (RSA VG+)Billy Cobham – Total Eclipse (RSA VG+)
John Coltrane – Spiritual (RSA VG+)John Coltrane – Spiritual (RSA VG+)
Miles Davis – Many Miles Of Miles Davis (USA VG+)Miles Davis – Many Miles Of Miles Davis (USA VG+)
Miles Davis – Milestones (RSA VG-) (Mono)Miles Davis – Milestones (RSA VG-) (Mono)
Eddie Harris – Silver Cycles (RSA VG+)Eddie Harris – Silver Cycles (RSA VG+)
Johnny hodges / Wild Bill Davis - Blue Rabbit (RSA VG)Johnny hodges / Wild Bill Davis - Blue Rabbit (RSA VG)
Luiz Henrique - Barra Limpa (RSA VG+)Luiz Henrique - Barra Limpa (RSA VG+)
Heath Brothers – Expressions Of Life (USA VG+)Heath Brothers – Expressions Of Life (USA VG+)
Sadao Watanabe - Rendezvous (Zim VG-)Sadao Watanabe - Rendezvous (Zim VG-)
Ahmad Jamal – Naked City Theme (UK VG) MonoAhmad Jamal – Naked City Theme (UK VG) Mono
Yusef Lateef – Hush 'N' Thunder (RSA VG+)Yusef Lateef – Hush 'N' Thunder (RSA VG+)
Milt Jackson - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Milt Jackson - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Coleman Hawkins - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Coleman Hawkins - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Freddy Hubbard - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Freddy Hubbard - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Miles Davis - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Miles Davis - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Johnny Hodges - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Johnny Hodges - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Dizzy Gillespie - The Best Of (RSA VG+)Dizzy Gillespie - The Best Of (RSA VG+)
Vikto Lazlo - Hot & Soul (RSA VG)Vikto Lazlo - Hot & Soul (RSA VG)
The Love Unlimited Orchestra – White Gold (UK VG+)The Love Unlimited Orchestra – White Gold (UK VG+)
Carla Thomas – Memphis Queen (Germany VG+)Carla Thomas – Memphis Queen (Germany VG+)
Eddie Quansah – Che Che Kulé (RSA VG+)Eddie Quansah – Che Che Kulé (RSA VG+)
Commodores – Movin' On (RSA VG+)Commodores – Movin' On (RSA VG+)
The Blue Nile – Hats (UK VG-)The Blue Nile – Hats (UK VG-)
The Christians - The Christians (RSA VG) GatefoldThe Christians - The Christians (RSA VG) Gatefold
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (RSA VG)Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (RSA VG)
Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid (RSA VG+)Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid (RSA VG+)
The Bonzo Dog Band  – Gorilla (UK VG)The Bonzo Dog Band  – Gorilla (UK VG)
David Axelrod – Strange Ladies (USA VG/VG+)David Axelrod – Strange Ladies (USA VG/VG+)
Kevin Ayers – Odd Ditties (RSA VG+)Kevin Ayers – Odd Ditties (RSA VG+)
Kevin Ayers - Bananamour (UK VG+) GatefoldKevin Ayers - Bananamour (UK VG+) Gatefold
Bob Dylan - New Morning (RSA VG)Bob Dylan - New Morning (RSA VG)
Bob Dylan - Planet Waves (RSA VG)Bob Dylan - Planet Waves (RSA VG)
Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG)Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG)
Bob Dylan - Desire (RSA VG)
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