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VA - The Motown Story Vol. 1 (RSA VG+)VA - The Motown Story Vol. 1 (RSA VG+)
Lenny Williams - Spark Of Love (RSA VG)Lenny Williams - Spark Of Love (RSA VG)
Tony Wilson | Catch One (RSA VG)Tony Wilson | Catch One (RSA VG)
Tony Wilson | Catch One (RSA VG+)Tony Wilson | Catch One (RSA VG+)
Trax | Watch Out! (RSA VG+)Trax | Watch Out! (RSA VG+)
VA - Calm After Storm (RSA VG)VA - Calm After Storm (RSA VG)
VA - Calm After The Storm (RSA VG)VA - Calm After The Storm (RSA VG)
Tina Turner | Break Every Rule (RSA VG+)Tina Turner | Break Every Rule (RSA VG+)
Tina Turner | Break Every Rule (RSA VG)Tina Turner | Break Every Rule (RSA VG)
Skyy Line - Skyy Line (RSA VG)Skyy Line - Skyy Line (RSA VG)
The Chi-lites - Bottom's Up (RSA VG)The Chi-lites - Bottom's Up (RSA VG)
Abba - Voulez-Vous (RSA VG-)Abba - Voulez-Vous (RSA VG-)
D'rich – Folomane (RSA EX) SealedD'rich – Folomane (RSA EX) Sealed
Buffalo - The Best Of (RSA VG)Buffalo - The Best Of (RSA VG)
Gino Soccio - Outline (RSA VG)Gino Soccio - Outline (RSA VG)
Boney M. - The Magic Of (RSA VG)Boney M. - The Magic Of (RSA VG)
Floise Concerto - Rouge (RSA VG+)Floise Concerto - Rouge (RSA VG+)
VA - Disco Baby (RSA VG)VA - Disco Baby (RSA VG)
Village People | Go West (RSA VG+)Village People | Go West (RSA VG+)
Village People | Macho Man (RSA VG+)Village People | Macho Man (RSA VG+)

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